Monday, December 12, 2016

Update and our Hike and Fish at Tejas Camp

Mike being a little nervous about fishing 12 feet above the
water since it wasn't that long ago he lost enough
weight to stop having issues with vertigo!
Since this blog is turning into more of a personal blog than anything else, I am going to start making smaller posts with pictures much like I do on Instagram.  Of course, I will still be posting larger posts such as the Fishing or Actually Catching series I am still working through.

These pictures will generally come in two or three pictures and there may be several posts in a row over the course of a week. I'm hoping by posting like this I can get back into the habit of blogging more.  It's been so busy the past year not to mention life has been extremely distracting.

This is no excuse for not keeping my readers up to date, and I apologize for that!

I hope to turn the bad habit of not posting around this winter since I know most of my northern fishing brothers and sisters are generally armchair anglers during the winter unless they are ice fishing anglers. My goal is to give you a little something to read and a lot more pictures to look at over the next few months. Even if I don't write much, at least you'll have something to drool over once or twice a week.  :)

Sarah decided to get comfortable and fish since the catching
was pretty slow and it was nice to just be outside.
For this round, here are some pictures of our recent hike to Tejas Camp which is situated on the North Fork of the San Gabriel near where it meets Lake Georgetown.

Ended the day with some beautiful sunset pics. Got some
video to use for a time-lapse video we are working on.
There is parking outside the small campground in case you decide you want to come back after dark or if you are going to hike and camp.  Since Lake Georgetown is surrounded by Army Corps property, primitive camping is available all around the lake outside of the official campgrounds.

If you stay in an official campground, you have to pay an overnight fee.  There are also several campgrounds that have RV sites as well which incidentally are included on RV Fishing Sites as well.

Enjoy the pics!

Geeks Fish Too


Though we didn't catch any fish, it was really nice to have a 70 degree day this late in December.
May be the last one for a while!

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