House for sale!

Are you wanting to move to the beautiful Texas Hill Country?
Do you like the woods?
Do you like grassy fields?
Do you like to have a large garden?
Do you like to shoot deer on your own property?
Do you want to have a small farm or raise animals?
Do you like being isolated from urban sprawl but near enough to work in the city?
Do you want to be prepared for whatever happens?

This place has it all!
The property:  
5 acres split between woods and pastureland with wet weather creek and pond.

The house:  
- Modular construction (Same as site-built)
- 30' x 60' 1800sq ft.  
- 3br, 2 bath.
- 9ft Ceilings
- 6in Walls with R30 and R40 insulation.
- Thermal pane vinyl windows.
- Extremely Energy efficient!
- Architectural 30 year shingles
- Stainless steel appliances.
- All fixtures in house are name-brand with ceramic/porcelain bathroom sinks. 
- 10'x12' Barn out-building.
- Water reclamation system - 2600gal (used to be x2)

NOTE:  I am adding pictures as I find them or can take them. Hope to add as many as I can!

After 7 wonderful years, we are selling our baby!  Well, at least it was MY baby.  I really like this place but since my wife and I have converted our lives to the RV way of life, we no longer need the house.  Renting doesn't seem like a viable option for us, so it's time to sell!

I'll be honest, property values have gone up significantly lately and this property is no different. The property started out with a manufactured home on it. We lived in this while we determined the best spot for our dream home. The new home is everything we expected from a house, high on a bluff with beautiful views, woods on two sides, medium-large sized yard on the other.  Eventually we put in fences and cleaned up much of the property.

During the multi-year drought we installed a rain collection system that still needs to be fully connected because we never used it (the tank is full though!). This system is higher than the garden and holds 2600 gallons of water.  The system could be used to water animals as well since the house is far above the pasture area.  We installed this because so many people were having issues with their wells. However, our 380ft well never went dry! Speaking of water, this well has some of the best tasting water around.  Much better than the neighbors.  Not sure why, but we think it's because it's on the edge of the Bear Creek valley instead of the San Gabriel River valley. (Note: there used to be 2 tanks - one on each end of the house. When preparing the house for sale we found that one tank foundation had failed so we removed the tank. The tank that is left could be moved to the other end of the house or another tank re-installed.  Let me know and I can let you know where to get a similar tank.)

The house itself is a modular home that came in two halves with a collapsible roof that was raised into position on site and the trusses completed.  This gives the house 9ft ceilings, an attic, and beautiful gables on the front.  The house is built on a modified single slab using pier and beam construction.  There are piers and anchors every 8ft giving a very solid foundation throughout.  The builder told me (a friend of mine) that he had one of these homes on the coast go through a Cat 3 hurricane with nothing more than shingle damage.

Some people might confuse this type of Modular construction with a Manufactured Homes - they are completely different.  There is one major difference between the two:  Manufactured Homes are government regulated by HUD, where Modular homes are the same as site built - and are only regulated by local building codes. The major design difference is that Modular homes are not complete until they are finished on site - such as the roof on this one:  It had to be raised and the trusses completed.  There were also full stub-walls inside that that had to be built into position. This house is completely tied together and cannot be taken apart without literally tearing it apart. This home is also extremely heavy - estimated at 60,000lbs.

For tax purposes, this house is considered a site-built house.  However, Williamson County has still not recognized that we built a new house on this property and is still showing a previous mobile home that was on the land when we bought it.  This acts in your favor however since this means taxes are still quite low compared to the value of house.  This will likely change when ownership changes!

The garage would go to the
right of the railing.
The back of the house has a 16x40ft deck with a brick pad for a BBQ and a built-in custom swing. Next to the deck is a place where a two-car garage could be built. We laid it out this way on purpose in case we were able to do this ourselves.

Brickwork was laid in around the
house to give it a very stylish look.

The inside of the house is very beautiful. The over all design is a split living plan with the master bedroom on one end of the house and the 2nd and 3rd bedroom at the other end of the house.  Great for older kids or guests.

The kitchen is fantastic with a nice island and large serving bars for bar stools.  There is tile work all over the kitchen.  This particular model of modular home was the showroom model and was custom designed to show off the skills of the builder. The appliances are stainless steel as well.  The kitchen, dining, and living room are combined into one large room about 30x30.  The kitchen and dining room have tile flooring while the living room has carpeting.

For the master bedroom: The master bedroom bedroom is large enough for a king-sized bed with 3 or more dressers. There is a large double-door walk-in closet as well.  The master bathroom is HUGE with a nice sized porcelain oval tub surrounded by high windows that look into the woods. The shower is a fully tiled beautiful walk-in shower (no door required) with a partial glass-block wall and has a built-in seat. The bathroom is stone tiled throughout.
There is a laundry/utility room off the kitchen that has enough room for a freezer as well as washer/dryer.  This is where access to the water heater and furnace are located.  The second bathroom is nearby and has vinyl tile floor, premium faucet, and a standard tub.
The second and 3rd bedroom and decent sized with the 2nd bedroom having a larger window built into an inset. Both bedrooms have walk-in closets with the 2nd bedroom having a larger closet. I used the second bedroom for my "workshop/office".  I laid plywood over the carpet to protect the floor.

The red line is just outside the fence line.

For the property:  The house sits on the edge of the Bear Creek flood plain.  It is safely about 30ft off the plain and about 25ft off the official flood plain.  The flood plain is where the pasture area is located and has extremely deep soils.  When digging with a backhoe once, we never did find hardpan or rock so the top soil is at least 5ft deep.  Perfect for fruit trees (was my dream) or for a very large garden.

Part of the lower property has some cedar trees on it, while the other half has been completely cleared and could be plowed with a crop or left to grow hay. In this picture you'll see what's left of a horse barn which has since been torn down.  We had donkey's on the property for several years which helped clear out the land. However for much of last year we didn't have any animals at all so it's prime to have animals again.

The portion of the property where the house is - up on the ridge - is much more rocky though there are pockets of good soil. Where the old manufactured home used to sit, we cultivated a garden and fenced it off. There are two plum trees on the back fence - one is much older and is starting to bear fruit.  There are also two open-type mulch bins that were used to create mulch for the garden.

During wet years the pond never dries up!

The area around the pond is heavily wooded with a heavy mixture of elms, oaks, and a few cedar trees.  The fence goes through the middle of the pond and was installed professionally to allow for floods.  Speaking of fence, the style of fence around the entire property was installed with small farm animals in mind. The lower 2/3rds is goat fence with squares small enough to keep goats from hanging themselves. The upper 3rd of the fence is barb wire.
The back fence against the neighbors relies on their fence which is not as good as ours.  I recommend contacting the neighbor to see about adding chicken wire to their fence to keep your critters in if needed - only needed for goats or other critters like dogs.

Additionally, there is a fence that crosses the property from the top middle, downward and in front of the house and back over to the east fence.  This isolates the house area so any animals cannot get to the house. The wall in front of the house (picture above) is about 4ft high so any jumping animals might jump it, but most other animals are kept out.

For watering the animals, the overflow from the water tank on the house could easily be modified to keep a water tank full so you never have to worry about their water supply.

One thing to note:  The picture shows a driveway going off to the right - this goes into family property and goes out to CR202 - This driveway has been closed off and seeded in.  The official driveway goes out to Bear Creek trail. The driveway has been re-worked and improved greatly. Due to the depth topsoil on the floodplain, the driveway is generally a work in progress.

Location: The property is accessed via dirt road that is maintained through the local community.  It is generally well maintained and has never been an issue except in catastrophic conditions (9in of rain in 3.5 hours).  I drove this road for several years and never had any trouble with a normal Saturn sedan. The neighbors drove a Lincoln Towncar for years on this road.  The distance to pavement is not too far - only about a half a mile - and is not a dusty type of road.

The North Fork of the San Gabriel river is about a mile away on down County Road 202. This is a popular spot for the locals to go swimming in the river.  For the adventurous, there are pools with Guadalupe Bass that can be reached from this access by wading up river.  You can also kayak from this access down river to other crossings or even Lake Georgetown.

The Liberty Hill ISD is the nearest school district and is known for their academic and sports programs.  They are a step above many of the neighboring school districts and people have been known to move into this area for the specific reason of sending their kids to these schools.

And finally - the neighbors are all good people.  Nearly everyone in the community wants peace and quiet. Several are retired or independently wealthy. In general it is a very peaceful area and many times of the year it is so quiet that you can hear the noise of highway 29 - which is 5 miles away- in other words, it's *that* quiet. The noisiest it gets is on Friday nights you'll only very occasionally hear music being played at a party across the valley, or perhaps on a Saturday when people are out working in their yards and want some country music to listen to.  Otherwise, it's generally very quiet.

   - For more info on specific features, click here: Ideas, Tips, and Dreams
   - If you are someone who like to be rowdy and crazy, this community may not accept you very well if at all.
   - If you are a city person who expects "gracious country living", this may not be the property for you. This is true Texas Hill Country!
   - This property is perfect for those who want to live in the country and call dust a "Country Collectible".  Though the house itself is far back from the road and is fairly dust proof. 
   - This property is also perfect for those who want to be near enough to Austin to commute (I did!) yet be far enough out in the country to have some breathing room.

The 7 year old deck needed some
boards replaced.
The house has been listed with a realtor now.  If you are interested in purchasing the house, please contact the realtor directly.

Contact the realtor here: Wolf Realty Partners

Picture and video tour of property

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