Tuesday, November 22, 2016

No, we're still here!

Stop for lunch at Inks Lake.
Just an FYI to all those who might think we've dropped off the face of the earth...

Well, maybe we did, but actually I think we simply got too busy.  With the house still not selling due to complications we are still struggling with that problem after 3 months of not knowing what is going to happen, we are still in the same boat!  Nothing has really changed in spite of everything that has been tried.  That said, anyone in the market to rent a house in the country in Central Texas?  haha

On other fronts, we've gotten some fishing time in and were able to spend some time fishing a few fishing holes around here.  We focused hard on getting decent fish for the Yak Tribe tournament during the month of October (one reason we've been so busy!) and it helped put me in the top 20 overall and 3rd out of the bass only anglers. Sarah actually got all her 8 fish this time!  Woo hoo!

Keep reading to see some of the pictures we took so everyone can share some of the fun we had!

Otherwise not much else has changed.  Once the house situation is settled we intend to become more mobile one way or another.

We've also started meeting up with other anglers to do some fishing.  If you want to meet up in Central Texas somewhere, let us know!  We love to team up and show people our favorite fishing spots!  Well, most of them...  there are a few spots we won't share with others. ;)

We are doing a small meet up at Lake Bastrop this Saturday after Thanksgiving so if you're in the area and want to join us, be sure to let us know!  If we get enough people we could even do a mini-tournament!

Feel free to message us on Twitter or Instagram:  @geeksfishtoo

You'll find the pictures below!  Enjoy!

Tight Lines!


20in Fish from the North Fork San Gabriel River

Caught at Inks Lake near Buchanan Dam Texas

Caught at Lake Bastrop

Sunset at Lake Bastrop

River bass on San Gabriel river near Georgetown Texas.

End of a good day at Inks Lake.

Yet another sunset at beautiful Inks Lake State Park.

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