Friday, January 27, 2017

House still for sale??

Yep,  our wonderful house is still for sale!

We have had a contract on it twice now.  The first one was unable to make the financing work for the property since the property is on a private road and their lender wouldn't work with that.

The current contract we are on is a contingency - which means they have to sell THEIR house before they can buy ours.  yay... whatever.

The fact is, the house is still on the market.  It's in a beautiful spot and it's a prepper's dream.  It's got a water tank that's just aching to be used and a garden that's fenced off and has been fallow for several years.  Not to mention that the entire property is fenced and *cross-fenced* for animals.  Part of the property is flood plain where there is plenty of food for the animals. The other part, where the house is, looks out over the valley from a high point. Add to all of this, the property is evenly split between woods and grasslands.  If someone could finish what I started in removing the cedar trees, they'd have some prime pasture land!   Oh, and this property is a shotgun or bow-hunter's dream...  Until the neighbors moved in, I even shot deer with a rifle from my *living room*.

Check out the link to the House for Sale at the top of this page!

Feel free to send me any questions you may have!

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