Monday, March 6, 2017

Pics of the day - On the Llano near Mason

Caught this nice 16in+ bass in the hole in the background.  There were 3 bass in that hole, I caught the biggest first,
then a 15.5in, and then a 12-13in bass.  The female was full of eggs so they were likely pre-spawn. I paddled away laughing
my head off though because I almost gave up since I couldn't even paddle back there due to the water being too shallow.

Amazing cliffs on the Llano River.  At the base of this cliff is where I caught a very pregnant female bass: 19.25in and 4lbs.

And here's the fish mentioned from the previous pic. Very nice fish for this stretch of river though there are some pretty
deep holes on this stretch so there might be a bigger one somewhere.