Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Pic of the Day: Lake Somerville NOT Lake Summerville

Pardon the play on words. But considering this day was extremely windy and relatively cold, it definitely was NOT summer time.

Actually, in all fairness, this lake looked to be a good lake for Spring and Summer time fishing. The water was a chilly 60 degrees in the main lake but was 55-56 degrees in the coves where the creeks ran in. When we first got there it was windy but doable, but after we got in the water, the wind was blowing 20+ mph and the 3ft white caps were prohibitive.  It would have been intimidating to all but the toughest kayakers.  Even then, you'd need an anchor and well...  I haven't installed mine yet!

We will definitely go back though.  And if the KATS tournament day looks to be warm, we'll probably register.  Otherwise I think we'll skip it.  The lake has been fluctuating a lot so the water is murky.  If there's any rain between now and then, it will just get worse.

At any rate, that's the pic of the day.

Tight Lines Y'all!


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