Sunday, August 21, 2016

The next step... RVing has become a way of life.

Many of you know that over 2 years ago we
abandoned the normal world of being tied to a spot and bought a 5th wheel RV.  This blog post is about that decision and where we are now.  Hopefully this will explain why our posts have been somewhat sporadic lately - our apologies!

It was about 4 years ago we bought a used small RV trailer.  It was old, and we never stayed in it because it needed to be fixed up, but we had dreams of fixing it up and going camping in it.  Well, we never got it done and so it just sat there.   Then one day about 3 years ago, the thought occurred to us that we could sell the house and live in an RV full time.

We started reading about it and researching it.  We watched the Wynn's video's online as well as Technomadia's videos and info.  Talk about pumped!  We suddenly had found something both of us loved doing:  Travelling and Camping!   What if we could do it full time and go where ever we wanted?

Another aspect of this was the fishing.  We were both become VERY active in fishing.  Many weeks we were fishing two to three times a week!  We were starting to get quite good at it and almost never got skunked. The idea of living in an RV and going to the best fishing spots to camp and fish was a fantastical idea that we thought would never come true!

So we put the idea on the back burner.

A little over two years ago, we had some relatives that needed a place to stay.  So they came and stayed with us "for a while".  We had told them they could stay as long at they liked as long as they could help pay the bills. Well, that's exactly what happened.  They helped pay the bills and we suddenly saw a door open:  We could move out of the house, let them pay rent, and we could go RV shopping!  Woo hoo!

Thus started the RV shopping.  We looked at all kinds of options and even went to the Austin RV Expo.  We realized we couldn't afford an expensive RV since our budget was small, but we also knew
we had an ACE in the hole: We could eventually sell the house.

We finally settled on a 5th wheel and we bought it.  Our family graciously offered to let us put an RV pad on their property so it took a couple months to complete that.  Once done we were ready to bring the 5th wheel.

There were some issues with the RV at first, our air conditioner went out (in July) and there was a piping leak.  But the warranty covered most of the issues.

And that's where life pretty much stopped.  All was going fine until our family who was renting our home decided they needed to move away and then we had the tough decision of what to do with the house.  The house and RV were too expensive together so that meant we needed to sell the house.  So we started working to put it up for sale.  It took way longer than we thought but we finally got it done and the house went up for sale.

This is where we are now.  The house is on the market and we're going through the long drawn out process of waiting for a buyer.

But what about the rest of life?  Are we still sure about being in an RV?

Yes! No doubt about it!  We have already made a determination that we will never have a house again.

The main reasons we came to this conclusion is because of three major things:

1. We like to travel.  We like it so much we can hardly stand ourselves when we aren't traveling. Both of us were born overseas and we've each lived in a dozen places through the years. Add that to the fact that we've traveled all over the country. I've been in probably 30 states and Sarah has been in nearly as many.  So yeah, we definitely have the travel bug.

2. We like to kayak fish. In fact we desperately want to fish in the Northwest in the worst way.  We were having trouble finding places to RV and fish, so it would make sense, others would have the same experience.
Somewhere between Denver and Washington state.  I miss trout fishing and Sarah misses her mountain rivers.  Since she's learned to fish she wants to try out some high-altitude fishing and I'd love to show her how to catch trout. But over all, RVing is the best way to get to some pretty fantastic fishing spots.  That's why we came up with the idea for

3. We like to be outside. One of the things that bothers me most about most homes is that they are not designed to bring the outside in and if you do, it becomes a huge expense to keep the place cool/warm. Even then, there is NOTHING like being in an RV with all the windows open and being able to hear and see everything that is going on outside and any moment. It's the next best thing to living in a tent.

So living in a house is never going to be an option.  Our 25 year goal is to get some property to call "home" and put an RV pad on it so use whenever we want to park for a while, but that's only after we've been to enough places to get our traveling bug worn off - which might take most of 25 years. ;)

Travelling will always be a way of life for us.  Both of us get antsy if we don't get to travel and RVing is the perfect way for us to enjoy the outdoors and see new places at the same time.

Oh, and did I say we are antsy to get rolling?

See you on the water, the road, or on the trail!


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